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Sweatshop-free or sweat free is a term first used by American Apparel a famous American clothing brand, which means coercion-free, fair-compensation for the garment workers who manufacture their products. The aim of sweatshop-free wish to ensure that all employees are treated fairly and products are made in good working conditions. Sweatshop-free standards include the right to collective bargaining, non-poverty wages, safe workplaces, back wages, and non-harassment. It has been heavily featured in American Apparel’s advertisements and become a common term in the garment industry.

Sweatshop-free clothing

There are a few ways to know that you are buying sweatshop-free clothing:

  • Look at the garment label. For example, Unite is an international union which makes sweatshop free clothing.
  • Many organisations, for example Green America, publish ethical consumer guides which list their recommendations for sources of sweatshop free clothing.
  • The price of sweatshop-free clothing is relatively higher than sweatshop products.

    *Source: Wikipedia

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